about us

We are mainly friends and fans of the Bata channel. Our main goal is to promote this waterway. We want to bring information so that the Otrokovice - Rohatec canal, as the Baťa Canal is also called, is brought to the attention of the general public.

We support the development of tourism and leisure-related activities, as well as business related to tourism in adjacent locations.

We want to convince you that the Baťa Canal is not only a historically interesting water management structure, but it is primarily the center of today's sports, cultural and social life.

So if you are a paddler, fisherman, cyclist, tourist, or you are just interested in this region, then this site is designed for you. We hope that you will find here the required information and that you will be interested in the published content.

If you want to taste the beauty of the Baťa Canal in person and our project will contribute at least a little, we will be pleased.

You can come by bike or come on foot and take advantage of the offer of our boat rental and sail through these beautiful places with a new luxury boat and experience the atmosphere of this popular waterway for yourself.